Sigma Iota Chapter

“The Kingpin Ques”

Sigma Iota Chapter Profiles of Charter Members and Charter Officers

Sigma Iota Chapter held its first Installation of Officers Program at the Fifteenth Street A.M. E. Church in Oakland, California, June 30, 1946. The officers that were installed included: Bro. James E. Stratten, Basileus, Bro. Richard Clark, Vice-Basileus, Bro. Earl L. Jones, KRS, Bro. Thornton M. Betts, KF, Bro. Earl. A. Ellis, Chapter Editor, Bro. Warren Morse, KP, Bro. Patrick L. Jackson, Dean of Pledges, and Bro. Benjamin F. Clark, Chaplain. (Oracle, November 1946, p. 18).

Bro. John C. Anderson: Studied criminal law at Toledo University, Ohio. He worked in the Probation Department, Alameda County and also was a part-time Instructor of Criminology at City College of San Francisco.

Bro. Richard S. Clark: Born February 26, 1905 in New Orleans, La. He worked his professional career as a sales agent for the Golden State Life Insurance Company. He passed to Omega chapter August 12, 1975.

Bro. Charles E. Fields: Born May 2, 1913 Sequin, Texas. Attended Wiley College, TX and was initiated at Theta Chapter. He studied in the field of engineering. During WWII, he served as a Depot Signal Officer in San Bernardino, and worked at the US Naval Station in Mare Island. He later worked at the Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto, CA. Sigma Iota chapter KRS (1948), Grand Marshal, San Francisco Conclave (1980), Pi Chi, San Francisco, charter member (1955). He entered Omega Chapter July 10, 1983.

Bro. Godfrey B. James: Born in Chester, South Carolina, May 31, 1920. He attended South Carolina State College and was initiated in Xi Psi Chapter. Served in the US Army during World War II, His professional career included being an administrator and instructor at the San Mateo County Juvenile Hall, Instrumental in the organization of the 12th District originally met in Oakland, Ca. Sigma Iota Chapter Basileus (1968-1970), KRS; 12th District Representative (1978-1979) Nor Cal Area Representative ((1976-1978), District Artifacts and History Chairman (1995). He entered Omega Chapter August 7, 2001.

Bro. Joel E. Lewis, Sr.: Born November 28, 1911 in Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Lincoln University, Missouri and was initiated in Eta Sigma Chapter. He served as Sigma Iota chapter Basileus (1955-1957), Vice Basileus (1964-1965). He practiced medicine in the Bay Area and his son Joel E. Lewis, Jr. was also and Omega man in Sigma Iota Chapter. He entered Omega chapter, March 3, 1984.

Bro. Warren W. Morse, Jr.: Born July 25, 1912 in Newport News, Virginia. He attended Wilberforce College, Ohio and was initiated in Upsilon Chapter. He served in the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. His had a career as a Sales Representative Lucky Lager Brewery, San Francisco and was Sigma Iota chapter Basileus (1966-1967). He passed to Omega Chapter September 2, 2001.

Bro. Harry Payne: He attended Howard University. He was the Director of the Buchanan YMCA in San Francisco for many years and was instrumental in assisting young men to pursue higher education. Passed to Omega Chapter November 6, 1966.

Bro. James Spann: Born Sept 30, 1914, Jackson, Tennessee. He served in the U. S. Army as a Warrant Officer. Before his service in the military, he was a Pullman Car Porter for the Santa Fe Railroad. He passed to Omega Chapter April 13, 1998.

Bro. James E. Stratten: Born November 20, 1912 in Cedartown, Georgia. He attended Talladega College, Alabama and was initiated in Gamma Psi Chapter. He lettered in five sports. He obtained his Master’s degree from Columbia University; played professional football for New York Brown Bombers and New York Hawks. During WWII was an executive for the USO. He was appointed to San Francisco School Board in 1961, and was the first Black president to serve. He was the director of the Booker T. Washington Center, served on California Youth Authority, state Advisory Commission for Children and Youth and the California Education Commission, community activist. Was the first Basileus of Sigma Iota Chapter (1946-1948). He passed to Omega chapter March 30, 1996.

Bro. Richard Stewart: Was born in Texas and attended A. J. Moore High School in Waco, Texas. He attended Samuel Houston College and was initiated in Sigma Psi Chaper, Austin, Texas. He was a commissioned Captain in the U. S. Army while serving in foreign service. He had a professional career in the U. S. Postal Service and was a real estate broker for many years. Pi Chi, San Francisco, charter member in 1955 and was the first Basileus of the chapter. His son, Pelton, also is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.
Bro. Samuel A. Westbrook: Born September 7, 1908 in Carthage, Arkansas. Passed to Omega Chapter, July 7, 1981.


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